Creating a Sex Positive World

GG Raven Wilbur, CSC

A Sexual Empowerment Education

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Sex Positive Living

Learn how to live a sex positive lifestyle and heal psychosexual wounds from living in a sex negative culture. Experience sensuality with freedom of expressing your authentic self.


Sex Coaching

Sex coaching is a collaborative process to identify your sexual goals and reach your goals through the coaching process.


Reach Your Sexual Potential

Develop and master your sexual skills through the process of sex coaching and advanced sexual education.

Develop a Healthy Body Image

Would you like to remove the shackles from living in the dark ages of sexuality? Which statements do you identify with (pick all that apply):

  • I am sexy and beautiful!
  • I love sex and I have an amazing sex drive.
  • I love my body just as it is. My body is beautiful in both form and function.

If you don’t identify with all the above statements, it is not your fault. We all live in a sex-negative culture. We are all influenced by sex-negative social conditioning which strips away these values and replaces them with a devalued sense of our bodies. Do you feel that you are too young or too old to be beautiful and sexy? Or perhaps you feel you are too skinny or too overweight? Perhaps you feel that your body is not the right shape and size to be seen as beautiful. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I think there is a better method. I would like to invite you to join me in developing a sex-positive body image, feeling beautiful and sexy. Women especially are taught that a large part of a woman’s value is to be attractive, sexually alluring, and beautiful. Even many men are beginning to feel that they don’t measure up to the six-pack abs chiseled manly look that is becoming increasingly popular. If you feel you don’t measure up to the standards of beauty or feel that you are not sexy enough, sign up for Sex Coaching today.

Raise Your Levels of Sexual Desire

It is interesting that some people seem to have a high sex drive and some have a low sex drive. Yet, to a degree this is a myth. Sex drive isn’t something we have or don’t have, it is something that we generate. Even people with a low sex drive can raise their sex drive through daily practices. There are many things that can block our sexual energy. The process of sex coaching can help identify the blocks and provide techniques to raise sexual energy and sexual desire. Start living a life of pleasure, connection, and authenticity. Learn about the sensual arts that reside within your body and awaken sensuality that has been dormant for far too long. Join in the emerging new age of sexual enlightenment and sex-positive living.

Bring Sacredness into Sexuality

In a sex negative culture, sex equals sin. Developing a sex positive lifestyle shifts the equation to sex equals sacred. Learn how to bring sacredness back to sexual expression. Enjoy sexuality free of shame and guilt. Learn about spiritual sexual practices which bring honor and respect to sexual expression either as a solo practice or between consenting adults. Sex is more than a physical act. Sex is energy. Learn skills and practices based in Taoist and Tantra teachings to transform your life. By completing a short daily practice, live your life with a deeper connection to the universe. Become fully present and mindful of all your daily activities. Learn the arts of identifying and expressing your sexy self and bring radiance and balance to your life.




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