Will you take up the challenge?

Awaken a sex-positive lifestyle!

We have lived too long in a world that denies sexual freedom. A world of inequality. A world of sexual ignorance and superstition. A cultural bias denying pleasures of the body.

You are a sexy and beautiful creature, why deny the call of your sensual body and the calling nature created in your body.

I am on a sex-positive quest. The quest is to create a sex-positive world through adult education. I am in the process of creating sexual education videos to share my knowledge, as I am an expert in sexuality. Will you join the challenge to awaken a lifestyle of sexual freedom? It is time to move out of the dark age of sexual repression.

I have been busy working on a project. I recently completed a document on sex-positive affirmations and a set of videos about The Erotic Body Map. Learn a new system of erotic communication that provides an understanding of your sensual body and how to identify stimulation techniques to reach ecstatic pleasure.

Go to the Shop Page to check out the various video training programs I have available.

I am excited and impassioned about the next video training series that I will be releasing soon. It is Body Image Healing. The Body Image Healing Training Program is for all of us who don’t measure up to the iconic sexy body beautiful imagery of multi-media. Learn about the real beauty of people and how to feel beautiful and sexy.

I have plans to create more training videos about a variety of topics centered on sexual freedom. They will be coming out in the near future. Would you like to experience sexuality which is free of shame and guilt? Would you like to learn advanced sexual techniques? Are there other subjects about sexuality that you would like to learn about? If so, please sign up for a free Sex Positive Exploration call.  I would love to talk with you!

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