In our mainstream culture, the words spiritual and sexuality are seen as opposing concepts.  More often, sexuality is viewed as a sin or at least considered a taboo subject that is rarely discussed openly.  Yet, this attitude around sexuality has not always been the case.  In many ancient cultures’ sexuality was considered sacred.  In fact, many ancient cultures built temples where sacred sexuality was practiced.

When I first started Aphrodite’s Temple, I loosely based it on the ancient sex temples.  The ancient sex temples served several purposes and functions.  These included sexual healing, rituals designed for life transitions (for example coming of age, handfasting, and rites of passage), sexual education, sexual worship, and much more.

Spiritual Sexuality

What is spiritual sexuality and how does it apply in paganism today?  The way I define spiritual sexuality is in non-religious terms.  We as human beings are more than physical bodies.  We are energy beings within a physical body along with emotions, mind, heart, and genitals.

To fully understand my concept of spiritual sexuality, it helps to understand what is sexuality.  Sex is more than a physical act.  In part, sex is energy.  In part it can be a physical act.  In part it involves the mind.  In part it can involve the emotions.  Sex is very complex.

It also helps to understand the concept of what counts as spiritual.  For me, spiritual practices can involve worship, devotion, reverence, ritual, rites, introspection, and ceremony.  While all these elements are not required for something to be spiritual, there does need to be some form of energy workings present.  For me, spirituality involves the flow of energy.

Ancient Sex Temples

In many ancient sex temples, people attended the temple not only to worship a deity, but also to be worshipped as a divine being and to worship others as divine beings.  Some may think that being worshipped as a divine being is conceited and being on the edge of being a narcist.  I think what separates us from being too full of ourselves is the practice of also worshipping others as well as oneself.

The creator, be it nature, a deity, the universe or evolution, designed human beings as sexual beings.  Our bodies are neurologically wired to both give and receive erotic pleasure.

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual sexuality involves a devotion and reverence combined with the flow of sexual energy.  Even solo sexual activities can be spiritual.

Another aspect of spiritual activities serves to bring us to a higher state of consciousness and awareness.  There are many methods to practice spiritual sexuality.  Taoist and Tantric sex practices are a couple of the more commonly known practices.  Learning mindfulness and specifically mindful masturbation is another path.  Throughout the ages people have performed sexual rites and rituals as a practice of spiritual sexuality.  In future articles, I will cover many of these practices in greater detail.

The Science

A more scientific understanding of spiritual sexuality is to understand what actually occurs in our bodies when we have sex. As we experience erotic pleasure, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and other chemicals are released.  These chemicals bring us to a state and awareness of erotic pleasure.  They also act to help us feel connection and bonding with ourselves and with others.  As we enter into an erotic state of mind, we are entering into a different state of consciousness.  I believe it to be a higher state of consciousness.  In my experience, with spiritual sexuality, I connect at an energy level with the universe, I become one with all.

Having operated Aphrodite’s Temple for over 25 years, I have observed many people reach orgasm.  More times than not I hear the orgasmic cry “Oh my God” or a similar statement.  With that cry, I recognize the spiritual component of sexuality.

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