What is it that is present that makes a really hot BDSM scene? I have asked myself this question many times. Over the years, I have explored the hidden dynamics behind the scenes and explored many of the techniques that provide the ingredients for a successful scene that is dynamic and vibrant.

When we observe a BDSM scene, we only see what is at the surface. Yet, there are scenes that captivate the audience and generate an intensity level through every person who is present. What is going on that makes a scene highly dynamic and exciting?

Many elements that make a successful scene are skills that can be learned. While many of these elements are invisible at the surface, they are present just underneath the surface. Some of these elements include power exchange, psychosexual dynamics, psychological interplay, reading a submissive’s body language, and navigating a submissive into bottom space where they can fly.

In The Dominant’s Handbook, I cover developing skills for a variety of BDSM activities as well as developing behind the scene dynamics. Part of the training deals with developing a Dominant headspace, part of the training deals with learning role playing skills, and part of the training deals with the practical mechanics of how to play a scene safely in a variety of BDSM activities.

The Dominant’s Handbook is designed for both beginners and individuals who have experience in playing the role of Domme / Dom. In the training program, I cover BDSM basics and advanced BDSM techniques.

The program is structured to provide self-training in physical aspects of BDSM role playing, psychosexual aspects of BDSM role playing, and psychological aspects of BDSM role playing. I also provide specific training for a variety of BDSM activities.