My specialty area is sacred sexuality and spiritual sexual enlightenment. I utilize techniques based in Tantra and Taoist teachings in working within spiritual sexuality.

I am here to serve alternative communities which include but are not limited to the following: Burning Man, Pagan, Bisexual +, Polyamory, BDSM, and GLBTQ.

Would you like to gain new sexual skills, live a sex-positive lifestyle free of guilt & shame, and attain a higher consciousness through sexual enlightenment?

Would you like to heal the psychosexual wounds we all receive from living in a sex-negative culture?

Would you like to feel sexy and attractive in your body, just as it is?

I am especially interested in creating training programs for both women and men that raise their sexual pleasures, raise positive body image, increases their feeling of being a beautiful sexy individual, and bring sacredness back to sexuality.

I am also interested in teaching advanced sexual techniques that bring people to a higher state of ecstasy.
As part of my life vision, I want to heal the wounds from living in a sex-negative world.